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Students in Mauritius have more reasons now to go into higher education, as Future Careers have made it possible for you to work part-time in your preferred occupation while studying for a UK degree or professional qualification online.

Isn’t that exciting? There is more!

Our higher education programme focuses on your professional competency development and comes with up to a Level 7 professional qualification in a range of subject areas.

As Career Development experts, we strongly recommend Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for school leavers looking for work based learning opportunities in their preferred occupational area.

Learn more about Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

Working With Higher Education Students

Our work with students in higher education helps learners and graduates to gain valuable and professional work experience in their preferred occupation.

We work in close partnerships with higher education institutions and employers to create and enhance career opportunities for those in higher education.

What is Degree+/Professional+

A bespoke competency development programme for higher education students delivered through blended learning (Online and Work-based learning.)

The programme allows students the opportunity to invest in the occupation of their choice while studying.

Our programmes give learners an alternative method to Higher Degree apprenticeships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Work-based learning is an educational strategy that provides learners with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability.

To apply for our higher education programme, you must meet the academic requirement for your chosen course. Click Here to view our courses.

You can study online for selected courses while working part-time as a trainee manager in your preferred occupational area.

Selected medical and laboratory-related courses are not available through this programme. See our course list here.

A Trainee Management role is part of your course and focuses on your professional competency development throughout the duration of your studies.

You will be contracted to work a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per week. You will earn at least the national minimum wage, however, some employers may pay more.

Our course fee starts from £10,000 per year for both undergraduates and postgraduates. The fee will depend on the selected Course, Location and Institution.

Yes! Course Fee can be paid in four equal instalments; 25% Deposit, 25% before enrollment, 25% 3 months after enrollment and a final instalment due 6 months after enrollment.

There is a non-refundable application processing fee of £50 (Home students).

Most of our learners are self-funding students, however, some students use career development loans, and sometimes in combination with a student loan.

Benefits of Degree+/Professional+

  • Gain professional experience in your preferred occupation;
  • Earn at least UK minimum wage for up to 20 hours per week;
  • Gain valuable industry knowledge;
  • Opportunity to secure permanent employment with a participating employer;
  • Secure professional employment references.
Higher education student

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Gain a Degree and Professional qualification with FUTURE CAREERS

Career development

Why Choose Future Careers

Our higher education programme is tailored to your specific career needs and goals.

We help learners understand the options available and provide support in making the right choices for their future, as well as establish their career portfolio.

Future Careers was founded by graduates for the purpose of creating career opportunities for graduates.

We emphasize on listening and results to maintain our customer satisfaction above 98%.

Begin your journey

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Due to social distancing measures currently in place, we have now suspended all applications for Degree+ and Professional+ Advance programmes until further notice. Staff and student welfare is something we take very seriously, which is why we have taken the decision to close our offices to keep everyone safe. But our commitment to the Future Careers community means we will continue to deliver careers education online through Future Careers International College (fcic.org.uk). Our team will continue to answer all your enquiries via chat and social media. Thank you

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