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What we do

Future Careers has been an innovator in developing young people and higher education learners through the provision of adequate career guidance and bridging the gap between learner, higher education provider and employers; increasing graduate opportunities nationwide, as well as supporting employers from the start-up stage.

We are passionate about providing high-quality independent Information Advice and Guidance, continuing to bridge the gap to learning and employment, and helping our clients to achieve their career goals.


Making a difference to learners, graduates, businesses and Higher Education institutions across Mauritius.

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More about us

Future Careers Mauritius is an exclusive partner of Future Careers UK. We work in close partnership with education providers and employers to create opportunities for students and graduates in Mauritius.

CEO Future Careers - Believe in higher education

I have always believed in higher education, the opportunity for a young person to begin developing their career for a brighter future. Hence I’ve always argued that higher education should be classed as a major investment and not just another stage in ones learning

Our Mission

To provide quality career guidance, planning and development for all students and graduates in Mauritius

Our Values

  • The client’s needs come first;
  • We emphasize on listening and results;
  • Staff skills and knowledge is fundamental to our work;
  • Honesty and transparency are part of our culture;
  • We value Ideas, views and feedback of everyone we work with;
  • We focus on teamwork and collaboration to develop better solutions;
  • Maintaining excellent client satisfaction at all times.

Our People

  • Level 6 – 7 qualified careers advisors
  • Experienced industry experts
  • Academic and vocational expertise
  • Business professionals

Now that you have found out more about us, it is time to find out more about YOU and your POTENTIAL. Check out the programmes we provide here or book a video consultation with one of our qualified career advisors.


Due to social distancing measures currently in place, we have now suspended all applications for Degree+ and Professional+ Advance programmes until further notice. Staff and student welfare is something we take very seriously, which is why we have taken the decision to close our offices to keep everyone safe. But our commitment to the Future Careers community means we will continue to deliver careers education online through Future Careers International College (fcic.org.uk). Our team will continue to answer all your enquiries via chat and social media. Thank you

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